Project'ing Success

On Time - in Budget (and Scope)

Working with our customers at strategic programme level, we help in the development and implementation of a programme or establish requirements and viability of a potential project. Once established, we facilitate the set-up and initiation of that programme or project - providing a single point of contact to our customers, manage exceptions via a controlled progress and through a series of defined stages and key milestones. Risk, mitigation and change are managed to ensure that the project is delivered on time, in budget and within the predefined scope.

Change Programme and Projects

  • Business case development and reviews
  • Benefit realisation
  • Project initiation (PID)
  • Project controls (cost & schedule)

Our Services include

  • Scope and change management
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Issues, risks & mitigation management
  • Service transition management


  • Resource and supplier management
  • Assurance, quality control and audit
  • Project closure, lessons learnt and handover
  • Workshop and user group facilitation

Business Cases

  • Develop, prepare and review
  • Value management
  • Benefit realisation and review plans
  • Risk impact assessment and evaluation
  • Project plans, schedules, work packages & briefs
  • Health Check

  • Overall project progress and completeness
  • Project budget and cost tracking
  • Task status and updates
  • Issues and risk assessment
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Project Assurance

    • Project efficiency
    • Resource management
    • Performance and delivery
    • Quality and risk assessment
    • Assurance audits
    • Report, review and stakeholder management

    Risk Review

    • Issue & risk management / mitigation
    • Project viability validation
    • Acceptance criteria & KPI's
    • Highlight and checkpoint reporting

    Rescue & Recovery

    • Project root cause analysis
    • Challenges on project ownership and resource commitment
    • Vagueness and ambiguity on project deliverables, milestones, key phases and priorities
    • Project change management
    • Project communication management

    PMO Alignment Review

    • Project cost and benefits measurements
    • Project progress reports and decision points
    • Review portfolio management
    • Project risk and control governance throughout project life-cycles
    • Effective use of project resource allocation and management

    Let's Talk

      Facilitated Collaboration

    It's good to talk

    Great facilitation is almost invisible, it is not measurable or quantifiable, nor is it noticed on the balance sheets - but yet, it does make all the difference!
    Creating a meeting environment, that brings people together and makes it easier for everyone to share thoughts and opinions in a safe and structured meeting, to solve problems, to learn or even to resolve conflict - can sometimes be challenging.

    " We are stronger when we listen - and smarter
    when we share
    " ~ Queen Rania Al-Abdullah

    Whether in meetings, workshops, or group training,

    great facilitation skills to enable an open dialogue - makes all the difference!

    Our Aim

    Whether facilitating face-to-face or via a virtual meetings - it is all about knowing the audience, tailoring the approach and being prepared.

    Provide opportunities to members of the group to share information and knowledge, or learn from one another.

    We listen deeply and ask the right questions that will encourage everyone to feel safe, able to share thoughts and opinions

     during meetings or shared learning activities - aiming to reach a productive meeting conclusion, desired learning

    outcome, or a mutually agreeable conflict resolution.