Meet the team

Our Leading Forces

Bettina Poppe

Visionary blue-sky idealist, supporting clients with strategic transformation changes and pragmatic business improvements. Focusing on business architecture, target operating model for roadmap goals and objectives - to attain aspirations and deliver strategic transformation initiatives.

Kamal Miah

Financial strategist, guiding clients through strategic transformation changes and ensures - corporate numbers add up. A strategic number cruncher - specialising around corporate finances, planning, forecasting and audits.

Prubpreet Saran

Executive transformation specialist - assisting clients to pioneer and innovate change whilst navigating through complex and highly politicised environments, to achieve organisational vision. Diplomatic strategist - able to implement a win-win solution.

Charles Dias

Regulatory risk and change practitioner, steering clients through the complexity of high-risk regulatory transformation change environments within the retail and financial sector - specialising in capital markets, investment and banking.

Umar Ashraf

Executive automation lead - supporting clients transformation change strategy around the wider automation landscape. Lean aficionado, specialising in wider value stream efficiencies - while exploring and generating new business opportunities.