Ever changing customer demands and needs, require customers to constantly re-develop current business strategies, to maintain a competitive edge.  

Keeping up with continuous requirement changes however, is just one challenge to stay abreast - the ability to transform these changes swiftly into value added transformation activities - quite another.
Our customers want partners that support them with their initiatives and to help them, move forward.

A partner with proven experience and the ability, to execute.

A partner like BluKonzept Consulting. 

We are driven by your success ...

... climbing the mountain

 of 'Excellence'.

About us

With first process improvement changes made and evolving ever since, our company is all about being passionate about excellence and doing things right - rooted from inception right down to delivering change.

As big advocates of pragmatic changes, we are constantly evolving. With our passionate drive to challenge the status quo, to listen deeply and always seek the best result for our customers - enables us to grow and form valued relationships with our customers and business partners.

Why us?

Our passion and aspirations - is to seek 'Excellence'. Combined with our deep expertise, a 'can-do' culture and supporting resources - we help customers implement and succeed with their most challenging of climb initiatives.

  • Passionate about Excellence
  • Positive 'can-do' culture
  • Blue-sky visionaries
  • No mountain too high
  • Improvements - a way of life

Leading Forces

Bettina Poppe

Visionary blue-sky idealist, supporting clients with strategic transformation changes and pragmatic business improvements. Helping companies with roadmap goals and objectives, to attain aspirations and deliver strategic transformation initiatives

Kamal Miah

Financial strategist, guiding clients through strategic transformation changes and ensures - corporate numbers add up. A strategic number cruncher - specialising around corporate finances, planning, forecasting and audits

Prubpreet Saran

Executive transformation specialist - assisting clients to pioneer and innovate change whilst navigating through complex and highly politicised environments, to achieve organisational vision. Diplomatic strategist - able to implement a win-win solution

Charles Dias

Regulatory risk and change practitioner, steering clients through the complexity of high-risk regulatory transformation change environments within the retail and financial sector - specialising in capital markets, investment and banking

Umar Ashraf

Executive automation lead - supporting clients transformation change strategy around the wider automation landscape. Lean aficionado, specialising in wider value stream efficiencies - while exploring and generating new business opportunities